Sessions Proposed

Cellular Structures
L. Krstulović-Opara, M. Vesenjak and Z. Ren
Lovre.Krstulovic-Opara(AT); matej.vesenjak(AT);
Natural Hazards and Resilience of Masonry Structures (NHRMS)
M. Meštrović, S. Markušić, L. Abrahamczyk, D. Penava
mestar(AT); markusic(AT); lars.abrahamczyk(AT); dpenava(AT)
Special session in honor of Professor Jurica Sorić on Advanced Numerical Methods in Structural Analysis: Recent Developments and Future Challenges
A. Ibrahimbegović, B. Pichler, Z. Tonković
adnan.ibrahimbegovic(AT); bernhard.pichler(AT); zdenko.tonkovic(AT)
Risk assessment and resilience estimation of civil engineering structures and systems
Ž. Nikolić, M. Hadzima-Nyarko, E. Benvenuti
zeljana.nikolic(AT); mhadzima(AT); elena.benvenuti(AT)